About Shannon

Coach | HR Executive| Leadership Consultant | Facilitator | Speaker

It’s time for a new world. A world where we change our ways of thinking, being, and doing. A world where both human and organizational potential is unleashed and flourishing.

I empower leaders and mission-driven organizations to become human-centered. People make or break a business. The impact a business has on the world starts with the leaders who build and run it. When organizational values, goals and operating principles are aligned with employees, everyone can flourish and achieve their purpose.

I find it deeply meaningful to address the gap between good intentions and reality. When transparency applies to everyone, and people can come to work as they are, with no need to hide behind a mask.

I’ve spent the past ten years of my life dedicated to making organizations a more human space. I’ve committed myself to building the HR & Recruiting functions for venture-backed Los Angeles startups and working directly with teams across disciplines and one-on-one with founders, CEOs and executive leaders.

I’m forever grateful for the Los Angeles sunshine and family life that feeds my soul, fills me with joy, and creates laughter that goes on for days


Stand for something or you will fall for anything. Today’s mighty oak is yesterday’s nut that held its ground.

-Rosa Parks

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